Letting go

Letting go is necessary for you to manifest your desire

What does “letting go” mean?

We are often told that we need to let go to manifest our desires. But what does letting go mean?

First, it’s not obvious that letting go is not part of the concept of believing. However, this depends on how letting go is defined. The different opinions are plentiful. With some definitions, it’s not easy to make a clear distinction between believing and letting go. With others, the difference is obvious and these concepts have little in common.

Letting go may mean “stop asking”. It may also simply mean “stop thinking like you do right now” or “stop ranting about that”. Another interpretation is “stop wanting”. But what does “wanting” mean? Maybe this is the same as stop asking? But it may also be the same as “let go of cravings or needs” or “let go of attachments”. Letting go has also been connected with the concept of allowing. In the following text, I will look somewhat more closely on these concepts.

Letting go as “stop asking”

Sometimes it’s suggested that “letting go” means “stop asking”. This implies there is a difference between the mental state of asking and the state of receiving. While you ask, you cannot receive.

If this is what you believe, it follows that you have to imply some kind of restriction when it comes to the asking. You cannot just continue asking until you receive. After some time, you have to stop asking. When you have stopped asking, you may forget about the whole thing. This is often what happens when we spontaneously manifest our desires.

I don’t deny that this view holds some valid points. Still, I think there is more to “letting go” than this. It may also be difficult to say how much asking is needed to change the contents of your mind enough for manifestation to take place. Therefore, it’s not easy to decided when asking should stop.

I also don’t believe that asking is normally an obstacle to manifestation. On the contrary, it’s rather common that manifestation takes place shortly after an event of asking.

On the other hand, asking may introduce some doubt in your mind, which may in some cases prevent manifestation. Why bother asking if you’re convinced your desire will manifest? This may especially be true when it comes to ideas of change that you have planted in your subconscious mind when the conscious mind has been busy or otherwise off guard. Then, we should probably avoid thinking about the re-programming and also avoid asking while the conscious mind is active and aware.

Letting go as “stop thinking like you do right now”

In reality, people are often advised to “let go” when they are going on about issues or ideas which they appear to give too much attention. They may be overly analyzing, or overly emotional or just obsessed with these issues. Often it’s about fear of obstacles or of not getting what they asked for. This of course often takes you out of the state of letting go.

No doubt this aspect of letting go is also relevant. However, I believe there is much more to the concept of letting go than this.


Letting go as “stop wanting”

Sometimes we are told that “letting go” is to “stop wanting”. What this means is of course depending on the definition of the word “wanting”.

Wanting may mean craving or needing or having attachments. Then this is just another way of expressing the more well-known principle that what we need to let go of is cravings, needs and attachments in general.

However, sometimes it’s indicated that “wanting” means desiring. This would mean that to manifest our desires, we would need to forget about them. Or at least we should “move on” to desire something else instead. Then manifesting can take place.

This idea is rather close to the idea presented above, that letting go would mean stop asking. If you stop desiring, you would naturally also stop asking. But this takes this line of argument somewhat further. We don’t only need to stop doing the visualizations, affirmations and other exercises. We also have to stop thinking about the whole thing. I suppose this would be a good thing in those same situations where it is a good idea to stop asking.


Letting go as “let go of cravings or needs”

As I perceive it, letting go of cravings and needs is at the core of the concept of letting go. This is because letting go is basically about letting go of fear and a strong desire is often accompanied by fear of not having what you desire. However, this may not always be true.

In law of attraction texts regarding money, the strong desire for success, yes the obsession with it, is often recommended as a means for success. This idea may be close to the¬†opposite of the idea that letting go is the same as allowing. When allowing you just let things manifest. You don’t take action. But these texts do instead recommend that action is taken. And there is a connection between having a strong desire and taking action. The stronger your desire, the more action you will probably take.

I am sure there is merit in both these approaches. Taking action certainly helps if it can help you believe that you will receive. But it does not help if it’s actually a manifestation of doubt and does not help you to get rid of that doubt.


Letting go as “let go of attachments”

I really appreciate the yogic concept of letting go of attachments. This is strongly related to what I have written regarding believing. When you are satisfied with what you have and anticipate more good things, your power of attraction is at its best. Then there is no fear of not getting what you desire, because 1. you are already content and 2. you are convinced that you will have the very best no matter what.

When you are not in this state of powerful attracting it’s because of fear. The fear is caused by attachments, which are basically neurotic (although many of them are common and not normally qualify as neuroses). The attachments are emotional bonds to things and people which make you dependent of them. Basically, this is about your ego.

To get back into your state of powerful attracting, you need to let go of these bonds and sometimes of ideas in your mind, tensions in your body etc with the help of which you keep them. This is at the very core of the concept of letting go, as I perceive it.


Letting go and “allowing”

Allowing in relation to the law of attraction is basically about not interfering with the process of manifestation. You should be content with what you have (allow it too). And you should not worry about, or try to define, when or how your desire will manifest.

Here opinions differ, as always. Some law of attraction experts claim instead that it is important that you take action. Sometimes that is presented as a crucial step in the process of manifestation of desires.

My view is that in principle, you should not need to take action. But if you feel or believe you need, you should. And of course, action of some kind is often necessary when manifestation takes place. What is manifested is often an opportunity and then you need to take it.

If you want a new job, you will probably need to apply for it. If that woman you want to be your girlfriend phones you, you should probably ask her for a date. And so on.